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2021年 11月 14日
10:30 上午 - 11:30 上午
JC Studio Theatre, Fringe


當全世界的作家、電影製作人和藝術家們開始思考COVID19疫情的影響,不妨來聽一聽香港作家們的想法,他們的近期的作品展現了對於香港疫情經歷的反思。Michael O’Sullivan的《Lockdown Lovers》是關於六個人類和一隻穿山甲的故事;以香港、中國和愛爾蘭為背景,本書講述了這些個體如何在封鎖和隔離中如何應對外界壓力。從冷靜的觀察、激烈的衝突、和所愛之人分離的痛苦,這部小說提醒了我們,人與人的聯繫能在至暗時刻帶來慰藉。Collier Nogues的散文《A Clock for Seeing》(選錄於文集《Writing in Difficult Times》),思考了我們對時間的概念如何在集體與個人的重壓下受到衝擊,而寫作和攝影如何幫助我們和自身和解,並維繫與所愛之人的關係。吳智欣雙語詩集,維多利亞港的野豬》審視了在日益兩極化和飛速變化的社會中的生活。她近期關於生態和自然的詩歌作品也基於這一主題。Karen Cheung的作品,包括她收錄於《Writing in Difficult Times》的散文和她即將出版的新書,都聚焦香港現代生活的荒誕,以及穿插在世界頭條大事之間靜謐平凡的時刻。


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Michael O’Sullivan is a writer and academic based in Hong Kong and Ireland. He has published 15 books and Lockdown Lovers is his first novel. His poems and essays appear in Asian Cha, Asian Signature, and Hong Kong 20/20: reflections on a borrowed place.

Collier Nogues is Adjunct Assistant Professor of English at the University of Hong Kong. Her poetry collections are The Ground I Stand On Is Not My Ground (Drunken Boat, 2015) and On the Other Side, Blue (Four Way, 2011).

Karen Cheung is a writer from Hong Kong. Formerly a news reporter, she now writes about music, politics, and books. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, the Rumpus, Foreign Policy, the Offing and others.

Florence Ng lives in Hong Kong. She is the author of the bilingual poetry collection Wild Boar in Victoria Harbour (Kubrick, 2019) and editor of the online poetry journal Pause for Paws.