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2021年 11月 13日
2:00 下午 - 3:00 下午
Miller Theatre, Asia Society


聲音是一個既具影響力又親切的故事媒介。是次活動,四個香港人氣播客製作人將會分享他們對這個媒介的心得。究竟播客們如何消化不同的題材(如心理健康、歸屬感等敏感議題),為本地及海外聽眾帶來正面的影響?他們又經歷過哪些障礙、挫折和(意外的)收穫?《#impact》播客主持人Regina Larko將和曾經的採訪對象展開對話,其中包括《In The Changing Room》的創始人Cissy Radford、《Awkward Turtle At Workt》的主持人Emery Fung,以及《This Hong Kong Life》的製作團隊。

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Regina Larko is passionate about leveraging the power of voice to inspire positive change. Born in Vienna, she established herself as a leader in Podcasting and social impact in Hong Kong. Her podcast #impact launched in 2017. Today it ranks in the TOP 10% of more than 4 million Podcasts.

Cissy is the Program Manager at Women in Sports Empowered Hong Kong, where she works to empower women and girls to lead active and meaningful lives. She’s also the founder, producer, and host of the In the Changing Room podcast – a podcast that champions women in sport and discusses topics and issues at play in the world of sport.

Emery spent his early life in the UK, and returned to kickstart his career in Hong Kong. His podcast Awkward Turtle aims to use these stories to celebrate differences and diversity in the workplace.