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2021年 11月 05日
6:30 下午 - 9:00 下午
Banyan Workspace

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蒞臨鰂魚涌Banyan Workspace共享工作空間參加我們的開幕派對,在線收看我們的開幕活動,收聽閱讀治療師Germaine Leece和Sonya Tsakalakis暢聊他們的職業生涯,請她們為我們推介適合不同場合閱讀的書籍。播放結束後的歡迎會,和參與文學節的作者和友人交談,一起舉杯慶祝2021文學節的開幕和接下來幾日的精彩節目!


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Germaine Leece is a psychotherapist, bibliotherapist and author of Reading the Seasons: Books holding life and friendship together.

Fusing her passions for books and wellbeing, Sonya launched The Literary Hand, and was a resident bibliotherapist for The School of Life in Melbourne for over 5 years. Sonya continues to work with communities and individuals using literature for healing and to enhance self- knowledge, and co-authored Reading the Seasons.