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2021年 11月 13日
5:00 下午 - 6:00 下午


臨床心理治療師Bill Mitchell在幫助患者應對工作和精神重壓方面有著數十載的經驗,令許多人走出了失去平衡的工作和私人生活。在他的作品《Time to Breathe: Navigating Life and Work for Energy, Success and Happiness》中,他探討了如何防止倦怠、心理健康欠佳等在繁忙現代生活中常見的問題。本次活動,Bill Mitchell將會與Mind HK首席執行官Hannah Reidy和時間管理專家對談。在疫情模糊了我們工作與生活的界限之時,不妨一起來聆聽來自三位專家的建議,了解如何培養心理抗逆能力、保持樂觀心情和充沛精力。

作者 – Bill Mitchell – 將在線上參與。



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Dr Bill Mitchell consultant clinical psychologist, educator and author who’s corporate work builds workplace environments for optimal performance. Individual clients benefit from over 30 years experience making Bill one of the most experienced professionals in the field. Bill lectures at Judge and London Business Schools, Kings College, the Wellcome Trust, Sanger Institute & HSBC University.

Hannah is the CEO of mental health charity Mind HK, a mental health charity dedicated to ensuring that no one in Hong Kong faces a mental health problem alone. She is also a UK trained Clinical Psychologist and an Honorary Assistant Professor at HKU, with a special clinical interest in Early Psychosis.