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2021年 11月 13日
10:30 上午 - 11:30 上午


Orville Schell 在其漢學家和學術的傑出職業生涯中,曾經寫了 16 本書,12 本關於中國的書籍,現為亞洲協會美中關係研究中心主任(Arthur Ross Director of the Center on U.S.-China Relations at the Asia Society)。他將自己豐富的經驗,承載於他的第一部小說作品, 《故鄉:流亡故事》。書中都是令人信服的歷史敘事,內容關於二十世紀中國的一個父親和兒子陷入重大事件漩渦中的歷史故事。今晚,他與得獎詩人、翻譯家、小說家裘小龍一同參與,裘先生著有刑偵隊長陳操探案的歷史犯罪小說系列。千萬不要錯過兩位經驗豐富的觀察者浸大英語講師張宏絢博士的對談,透過歷史視鏡審視近代史。



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Orville Schell is author of numerous books on China, the most recent is a novel, My Old Home. He is also Director of the Center on US-China Policy at the Asia Society in New York.

Qiu Xiaolong was born in Shanghai in 1953. He received a MA from Chinese Academy of Social Science and a Ph. D from Washington University in St. Louis. He has taught in a number of universities, and written and published a dozen of books in English, which have been translated into twenty languages and sold millions of copies worldwide. Among them, the Inspector Chen series have all been made into BBC radio dramatization.

Dr. Emma H. Zhang is a lecturer of English in College of International Education in Hong Kong Baptist University.