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2021年 11月 13日
12:30 下午 - 1:30 下午
Fringe Underground Theatre

《More Than a Label》:正視精神疾病

《我就是我:平凡人的不平凡心路歷程》是 Mind HK 的新書,希望改變大眾對經歷精神健康困擾人士的觀感。這本書希望鼓勵大眾跳出對精神疾病診斷的固有觀念與標籤 。本書收集了一系列不同人的精神健康故事分享,透過故事與照片來描繪他們最真實的自己、復原的旅程,最完整的身分。本地精神健康慈善機構 Mind HK 冀望透過這本書喚起社會關注有關精神健康困擾的污名問題、欣賞經歷精神健康困擾的人的努力和堅持,以及向大眾傳遞精神健康資訊,支援自己和身邊有需要的人。 今天的活動中,Mind HK的Ophelia Tam主持了三位Mind HK大使Jonathan、 Xanthe 和Hilary 之間的對話,他們在對話中分享了自己的故事和心路歷程。 Mind HK是一家註冊的S88慈善機構(91/16471),致力於提高香港人對心理健康的認識和理解。他們與其他本地和國際心理健康慈善機構合作,並根據全球最佳的做法,提供在線支援和培訓計劃,以增強任何遇到心理健康問題的人的心理質素,為他們提供所需資源。透過合作研究, Mind HK對於心理健康問題的理解領先全城,為市民提供合適的支援和資源。

Mind HK 是一家已註冊S88慈善機構 (編號91/16471),致力於增強香港人對心理健康的認識和理解。他們與其他本地和國際心理健康慈善機構合作,並依照世界認可的實踐方式,為人們提供在線心理支持和培訓計劃,幫助​遇到心理健康問題的人變得更加強大,提供他們需要的資源。通過合作研究,Mind HK 成為了香港心理健康領域的佼佼者,用有效的支持和資源幫助當地大眾。

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Ophelia supports Mind HK’s website resources, campaigns, and is part of the anti-stigma campaign “More Than a Label” team. She believes raising public awareness of mental health is the ultimate first step to improving mental health and is passionate about using content and creative means to create a safe and supportive environment in Hong Kong whereby mental health conversations are normalised.

Jonathan has been involved in education and sustainable development for many years. As much as it takes time to cope with Attention Hyperactivity Deficit Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder, he hopes that by sharing his story, he can send the message that a positive lifestyle and the ability to suggest what others can do to help can help relieve ASD and ADHD.

Xan was born and raised in Hong Kong. She has dealt with Anxiety and Depression. Xan loves going to the theatre, doing yoga, learning languages and doing outdoor activities.

Hilary is a creative media and brand specialist who enjoys focusing on her holistic health and wellness through working out and practising mindfulness.