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2021年 11月 13日
9:00 下午 - 10:00 下午
Fringe Underground Theatre

《I am a Poker Player》: 亞洲職業撲克選手剖白


有關撲克的一個陳詞濫調的說法是,它是一種艱難方式去輕鬆賺錢。在《I am a Poker Player》中,Mr ChuchuDerx Lai與亞洲最頂尖的撲克玩家們交談,了解他們選擇這種競爭激烈的工作的原因及如何保持領先地位。Stephen Lai將與兩人一起探討職業賭博的世界及在這變幻莫測的世界中需要的毅力。Stephen LaiHong Kong Poker Players Association的常務董事。

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Only those who perservere to the end will see a miracle. An educator to over 3000 students of over 10 years and the founder of Love Decode, Mr Chuchu is the author of two bestselling novels,《禁書》and《男人要的不是美女》and previously a columnist in 3 Magazine. More recently, he is honoured to be the author and project coordinator of《我是牌手-顛覆你對傳統賭博看法的第七十三行業》.

Life influences life. Derx first played Texas hold’ em while on a working holiday in Australia in 2015, and the card game of Poker subsequently acted as a main source of income in the later half of the year. After returning to Hong Kong, he secured a consecutive two-time Baby Dragon victory in 2016 and further developed his Texas hold’ em skills within the industry. In 2020, he co-founded the Internation Poker Academy with Mr ChuChu as a contribution to the industry.