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2021年 11月 11日
7:00 下午 - 8:00 下午

兩個家庭的寓言故事:Damon Galgut與郭小櫓的對談

兩本小說描述社會變遷如何影響家庭以及文化和種族鴻溝; 一個家庭在南非支離破碎,而另一個家庭在英國開始成形。 Damon Galgut的《The Promise》描述一個南非家庭聚在一起參加葬禮的故事;這時,一代與一代之間和種族的緊張關係浮出水面,儘管南非正從分裂走向一個新的所謂公平社會的變化過程。這本複雜而有力的書入圍了2021年布克獎,被譽為文學傑作。郭小櫓的《A Lover’s Discourse》描述一名剛到脫歐後的英國的中國女性,發現英國對外國人的敵視,但她不但發展愛情,並開始建設未來。這本書以及移民、語言、疏遠和牽引著人與人之間的幽默和親密感,以反映人類之間的聯繫。 Jo Lusby將主持兩位傑出的現代主義作家的談話。



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Damon Galgut is a South African writer who has published nine novels. He has twice been shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize and is currently longlisted for his newest book, The Promise. He lives in Cape Town.

Xiaolu Guo is a novelist and filmmaker. Her novels include A Concise Chinese English Dictionary For Lovers, and A Lover’s Discourse (nominated for the Orwell Prize 2021). Her memoir Nine Continents received the National Book Critics Circle award 2017. She also directed several feature films and had film retrospectives around the world.

Jo Lusby is co-founder of Pixie B, a consultancy and agency specialising in publishing, film, and the creative sector in China.