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2021年 11月 08日
8:30 下午 - 9:30 下午


今晚活動,兩名講者利用歷史闡明我們對性健康和性別角色的態度和理解,第三名講者則利用社交媒體,讓她的追隨者知道一段性關係背後的實際情況。在《性的好奇史》和數碼研究項目《往昔的妓女》中,歷史學家Kate Lister翻閱了性史,以機智和精確的方式揭開大家對性的誤解和挑戰刻板印象。Sarah Chadwick也運用幽默和歷史研究,寫成一本具啟發性又引人入勝的書《The Sweetness of Venus: A History of the Clitoris》,深入研究一個被曲解的身體部位。他們將會與Tanaya Narendra博士(又名 dr_cuterus)對談,他在社交媒體上分享的帖子俏皮生動 ,而且直言不諱,消除我們對人類性行為的誤解。今晚的談話由教育家和性行為輔導 Valentin Somma (@awakeandsexy) 主持。

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Dr Kate Lister is the author of A Curious History of Sex and Harlots, Whores, and Hackabouts: a History of Sex for Sale.

Chadwick is a guest researcher at Chicago’s Loyola University, splits her life between the US and UK and has four children. She has been described as “an articulate and compassionate spokeswoman for a new generation of women, commended for her exceptional research, kindness, and candor.” Join her on Instagram @its.personalgirls

Dr. Tanaya is an internationally trained medical doctor, embryologist, and scientist, and was awarded Influencer of The Year 2020 by SH24. Currently aside from working as a doctor at Abhilasha Hospital and Fertility Center, Allahabad, she is writing her book on sex ed for everyone with Penguin Random House, and runs her own Instagram and YouTube channel @Dr_Cuterus dedicated to public medical education.