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2021年 11月 06日
10:00 上午 - 11:30 上午


本場活動聚集了來自台灣、韓國、科威特的作家和翻譯家:國家藝術贊助基金會獲獎詩人、 Octavia Butler《Kindred》2020年阿拉伯語版本譯者Mona Kareem,短篇小說集《Cursed Bunny》(2021年Honford Star出版)的作者Bora Chung和英文版譯者Anton Hur,1995年台灣同志文學經典《膜》的作者紀大偉,以及《膜》和邱妙津《蒙馬特遺書》的英文譯者Ari Larissa Heinrich。他們的對話將涉及推想小說寫作的技巧、將這些作品帶到或帶離英文語境時他們所遇到的文本內外的挑戰、還有種族、文本題材、地域的難題。這場長達90分鐘的討論將由Claire Gullander-Drolet博士和Dylan Suher博士(香港大學人文學會會士)主持,問答環節緊隨其後。




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Mona Kareem is the author of three poetry collections and the translator of Octavia Butler, Ra’ad Abdulqadir, and Ashraf Fayadh.

Bora Chung is a writer, translator, and a Russian literature scholar. She lives and writes in Seoul, South Korea.

Anton Hur is a Korean translator. Winner of a PEN Translates award and the PEN/Heim grant, his book translations have been published by Tilted Axis, Grove Atlantic, Feminist Press, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, Honford Star, and others

Ta-wei Chi is a queer writer in Taipei. His science fiction novel, The Membranes, translated by Ari Heinrich, is published in 2021. He is associate professor of Taiwanese literature at National Chengchi University, where he teaches LGBT studies and disability studies. His monograph in Chinese, Tongzhi wenxueshi, discusses queer literature in Taiwanese history from the 1960s to the new millennium.

Ari Heinrich is Professor of Chinese Literature and Media at the ANU and author of a number of books including Chinese Surplus: Biopolitical Aesthetics and the Medically Commodified Body (Duke, 2018). Ari is also the translator of Qiu Miaojin’s Last Words from Montmartre (New York Review Books, 2014) and Chi Ta-wei’s The Membranes (Columbia, 2021).

Photo credit: Tara Pixley