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2021年 11月 13日
8:30 下午 - 9:30 下午


人工智能將會定義21世紀的發展。在兩個世紀內,人類日常生活將會變得不可想像。人工智能將會創造前所未有的財富,徹底改變醫學和通過人機共生的教育,創造全新的交流和娛樂形式。 一本由十個發人深省的短篇小說故事組成的新書想像了人工智能將如何改變我們的生活並挑戰我們經濟和社會秩序的原則。革命組織心理學家、暢銷書《Think Again》的作者Adam Grant 將在活動中和科技專家李開復、科幻小說作者陳楸帆對談,暢聊他們合作撰寫的新書《AI 2041: Ten Visions for our Future》,探討人工智能將如何影響當代經濟和社會秩序的組織原則。




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Adam Grant is an organizational psychologist, the #1 NYT bestselling author of Think Again, and Wharton’s top-rated professor. His books have sold millions of copies, his TED talks have over 25 million views, and his podcast WorkLife has topped the charts.

Chen Qiufan (a.k.a. Stanley Chan) is an award-winning Chinese speculative fiction author. His works include the novel, Waste Tide, and, co-authored with Kai-Fu Lee, the book AI 2041: Ten Visions for Our Future.

Dr Lee is world renowned expert on AI who has worked on artificial intelligence for over three decades and made breakthroughs using machine learning for speech and games in his early career.  He was the Founding President of Google China and Microsoft Research Asia, and a long time investor in Chinese startups. Dr. Lee founded Sinovation Ventures in 2009 managing over $2.5 billion venture funds and investing in more than 400 startup companies, including 18 unicorns with 7 in AI. Dr. Lee is also the Co-Chair of of Artificial Intelligence Council for World Economic Forum, Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and Times 100 Most Influential People.