You-Jeong Jeong

You-Jeong Jeong



Born in 1966 in Hampyeong, Jeong You-jeong has been called ‘Korea’s Stephen King’. Her novels are psychologically refined and mercilessly reveal the repressed dark side of humans. On account of their drastic, realistic style of narration, Jeong’s novels are popular in Korea as raw material for films. Shoot Me in the Heart premiered in theatres in 2015 and Seven Years of Darkness (to be published in English in 2020) in 2018. Her most recent work, The Good Son (translated by Kim Chi-Young), is also scheduled for film adaptation. She recently released a book of interviews, Jeong You-jeong, Tell About a Story, and a new novel, Jin-Yi, Jinny.

1966 年生於咸平郡的丁柚井有「韓國的史蒂芬.金」之稱。她的小說在心理描寫方面極度細緻,無情展示人類壓抑的黑暗面。由於敘述手法現實和充滿戲劇性,她的小說是深受韓國歡迎的電影改編素材。《射向我的心臟》在 2015 年首映,《七年之夜》亦在 2018 年上映(原著的英譯本將於 2020 年出版),而新作《物種起源》(Kim Chi-Young 譯)也即將拍成電影。丁柚井最近出版的作品分別為採訪錄《Jeong You-jeong, Tell About a Story》以及小說《Jin-Yi, Jinny》。

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