Wilson Chik

Wilson Chik

Writer, photographer, theater maker & performer, artist, scholar


Wilson Chik is currently pursuing a PhD at the School of English, University of Hong Kong, researching the ‘built environment’ of multilingual texts in Hong Kong. He previously received an MFA in creative writing from HKU; from the University of Kelaniya, in Sri Lanka, he received a master of arts degree in Buddhist studies. An artist at heart, Chik’s creative expression comes alive through playwriting, life stories, butoh, theatre and photography. After travels through many countries, including Singapore and the US, he has come back full circle to his birthplace of Hong Kong, where he now lives.

Wilson Chik 目前在香港大學英文學院攻讀博士學位,研究本地建立多年的多語環境。他持有該校的創意寫作藝術碩士學位,及斯里蘭卡凱拉尼亞大學佛學研究碩士學位。他的作品涵蓋多個體裁,包括話劇劇本、生活寫作、日本現代舞蹈舞踏、戲劇及攝影等,是不折不扣的藝術家。他遊走多地,包括新加坡和美國,現居香港。

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