Tiffany Huang

Tiffany Huang



Tiffany Huang is a Taiwanese American woman living in Hong Kong. She is the founder of Spill Stories, a platform that collects personal stories on social issues uniting womxn of color. To date, Spill Stories has shared 130+ stories from 100+ writers around the world, with each story providing a sense of catharsis for readers and writers alike. In July 2020, Spill Stories has published its first physical book, Black in Asia, an anthology of 20+ personal diaspora stories from Black writers across Asia. Tiffany grew up across Taipei and the United States before moving to Chicago. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Michigan.

台裔美國人 Tiffany Huang 畢業於密西根大學的商業管理學系。在移居到芝加哥之前,她曾在台北生活,如今定居於香港。她創辦了 Spill Stories,一個專門收集個人故事的平台(主要是一些團結非白人女性的社會議題)。時至今天,Spill Stories已經分享了百多位作家超過一百三十部作品,每個故事對讀者和作者而言皆十分治癒。2020年七月,Spill Stories 出版了首本實體詩集《Black in Asia》,當中包括約20部來自居於亞洲的黑人作家的故事,講述他們族群流散異鄉,四海飄散的事蹟。

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