Theresia Enzensberger

Theresia Enzensberger



Theresia Enzensberger was born in Munich in 1986 and lives in Berlin. She studied film and film science at Bard College in New York and works as a freelance journalist for FAZ, FAS, ZEIT Online, Krautreporter and Monopol. In 2014 she founded the award-winning BLOCK magazine. Her debut novel, Blueprint (Blaupause), was published in 2017.

特蕾莎安遜柏雅1986年生於慕尼黑,現居柏林。她曾於紐約的柏特學院攻讀電影及電影科學,此後為FAZ、FAS、ZEIT Online、Krautreporter及Monopol等報章雜誌自由撰稿。2014年,她創立了得獎雜誌BLOCK。她的處女小說《Blaupause》於2017年出版。

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