Suzanne Younan

Suzanne Younan

Author, Founder of Green Dragons HK


Originally from the UK, Suzanne has lived abroad most of her adult life. She moved to Hong Kong in 2015 with her husband, son and four-legged hiking companion! Suzanne is a true nature enthusiast and environmental guardian. She is also a keen hiker and animal lover. Compelled to write The Green Dragon while working at Green Dragons HK, a volunteer organization she founded back in 2017, Suzanne realised that educating youngsters was key very early into her journey. Suzanne created the appealing characters to convey a message of refusing and reducing in small steps to make a difference. Suzanne spends her time visiting schools (or Zooming!), reading the books to school children and holding discussions on how we can all take small steps to make a big difference to the planet.

Suzanne Younan 來自英國,她成年後長居外地生活。2015年,她與丈夫攜同兒子和寵物狗移居香港。Suzanne 熱愛大自然,是一位環保主義者。另外,她熱愛遠足和動物。 2017年,Suzanne 成立志願機構 Green Dragons HK,並編寫 《The Green Dragon》一書; 她察覺到教育年輕一代對自己早期的人生非常重要。Suzanne 創造出有感染力的角色,傳達「逐步減廢,改善環境」的訊息。Suzanne會探訪學校 (或主持Zoom會議),為學生閱讀圖書,以及與他們討論如何用自己微小的力量,讓世界變得更美好。


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