Suah Bae

Suah Bae



Bae Suah is one of the most highly acclaimed and innovative contemporary South Korean authors. Her novels and stories are influenced by the German authors she translates – including Kafka, W G Sebald and Jenny Erpenbeck, but also by the authors Clarice Lispecter and Borges, et al. She has gained cult status, with an extremely devoted and enthusiastic fanbase. Her own themes often address ‘the sensuous interpolation of past and present, of I and thou, of life and literature’. Suah’s novels and stories are gifted to us in English by the most notable and award-winning translators: Man Booker Prize-winner Deborah Smith, Sora Kim Russell and Janet Hong.

Bae Suah 是當代韓國最受好評和創新的作家之一。 她的小說和故事受到她翻譯的德國作家的影響,包括 Kafka、W G Sebald 和 Jenny Erpenbeck,以及 Clarice Lispecter 和 Borges 等人的著作。 她擁有熱情和忠實的粉絲群,因此受到了崇拜。 她自己著作的主題經常涉及 “過去與現在、我與你、生命與文學的感性插值”。 Suah 的小說和故事是由英國最著名和獲獎的翻譯而帶給我們的,由布克獎得主 Deborah Smith、Sora Kim Russell 和 Janet Hong翻譯。

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