Sonia Wong

Sonia Wong

Academic, Poet


Based in Hong Kong, Sonia Wong now teaches gender and popular culture at the Gender Studies Programme at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her research interests include lesbian identity, female sexuality, film, new media and local history. In 2013, she founded Reel Women Hong Kong, the first and only independent film festival in Hong Kong devoted to the promotion of female-created films and art works, as well as gender equality and awareness, in society. In 2018, she founded Women’s Festival Hong Kong, an annual female-themed arts and cultural festival, with Eaton HK and Sally Coco. Apart from being a curator and academic, she is also an advocate and published poet.

黃鈺螢以香港為發展基地,現於香港中文大學性別研究課程教授性別及流行文化。她的研究領域包括女同性戀身份認同、,女性情慾象徵、電影、新媒體及本地歷史。在2013年,她創辦了香港女影,為香港第一個亦是唯一致力在社會推廣女性藝術創作的獨立電影節,以及宣揚性别平等和意識別。在2018年,她與香港逸東酒店和Sally Coco共同創辦一年一度的女性主题文化藝術節–香港女人節。除了是一名策展人及學者,她也是一位倡導者和詩人。

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