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Sinéad Gleeson



Sinéad Gleeson’s essays have been published in Granta, Winter Papers, Gorse and BansheeSinéad’s short stories appear in Being Various: New Irish Short Stories and Looking at the Stars and her poetry has featured in various anthologies, including Autonomy and Reading the Future. Her collaborative work includes ‘Your Chroma’, a text and sound performance with composer and producer Stephen Shannon, who she will be working with this year on aspects of Constellations. For 2019, she is the Writer in Residence at University College Dublin, teaching on the Creative Writer MFA and MA courses. She is currently working on a novel.

Sinéad Gleeson的文章曾發表於《Granta》、《Winter Papers》、《Gorse》和《Banshee》。她的短篇小說也刊登於《Being Various: New Irish Short Stories》和《Looking at the Stars》,而她的詩歌也入選各種詩集,包括《Autonomy》和《Reading the Future》。她曾和作曲家兼製片人的Stephen Shannon合作一個名為《Your Chroma》的朗誦藝術表演,而她在今年將和他繼續合作《Constellations》。今年她在都柏林大學任駐留作家,教授藝術和文學的碩士課程。她正在創作一部小說。

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