Sato Moughalian

Sato Moughalian

Flutist, Artist Director, Writer


Sato Moughalian, flutist, artistic director, and writer, collaborates frequently with living composers. In April 2019, Redwood/Stanford University Press published her biography of her grandfather, Jerusalem ceramicist David Ohannessian. With Perspectives Ensemble, she explores and contextualizes the works of composers and visual artists. She was awarded the 2013 Ramon Llull Prize for Creative Arts. She has served as principal flutist of Gotham Chamber Opera, American Modern Ensemble, and guest flutist with Imani Winds, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, American Ballet Theatre, Orquestra Sinfonico do Estado São Paulo, Brazil, and has made more than thirty chamber music and other recordings, most recently in a project she artistic directed: Manuel de Falla: El Amor Brujo/El Retablo de Maese Pedro (Naxos).

Sato Moughalian是一位長笛手、藝術導演和作家,常與尚在活躍的作曲家合作演奏。在2019年4月,紅木/斯坦福大學出版社發表了她祖父耶路撒冷陶藝家David Ohannessian的傳記。和Perspectives Ensemble樂團一起,她探索作曲家和視覺藝術家的工作並將其情景化,於2013年榮獲拉蒙·柳利創意藝術獎。她曾擔任美國現代管弦樂團的Gotham室內歌劇院、Imani Winds、Orpheus室內樂團、美國芭蕾舞劇院和巴西聖保羅Orquestra Sinfonico do Estado的首席長笛手,並錄製了30多個室内樂及其他音頻,尤其是她最近的藝術指導項目:Manuel de Falla:El Amor Brujo / El Retablo de Maese Pedro(納克索斯島)。

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