Sally Bunker

Sally Bunker



Sally Bunker was born in the UK in 1949 and came to Hong Kong with her family in 1979. Bunker, a former school principal and keen naturalist, has long been involved in environmental issues in Hong Kong. She changed careers ten years ago to dedicate her time to botanical painting, in order to record the beauty of Hong Kong flora. After years of study and honing her artistic skills, she was awarded fellow membership in the UK-based Society of Botanical Artists. She has spent seven years working with the University of Hong Kong to produce a definitive book of one hundred of Hong Kong’s native trees, a project requiring much fieldwork and scientific study to mark seasonal changes and show the beauty of the trees.

Sally Bunker(奔雅)生於 1949 年英國,於 1979 年後與家人移民到香港。她曾經是校長,熱愛大自然,一直關注香港的環境問題。10 年前,她改行成為藝術家,透過植物畫紀錄香港美麗的植物世界。經過數年的學習,奔雅現為英國植物藝術家協會成員。她與香港大學合作,花了七年時間實地考察,研究本地 100 種原生樹木的季節變化,編成了香港首本原生植物插畫圖鑑。

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