Romesh Gunesekera

Romesh Gunesekera



Romesh Gunesekera is internationally acclaimed for his novels and short stories including the Booker-shortlisted Reef and Noontide Toll — a collection of stories that captured a vital moment in post-war Sri Lanka. His latest novel, Suncatcher, returns to an earlier era in Ceylon and a story of divided loyalties and endangered friendship in the turbulent 1960s. He conducted his first workshop in Hong Kong in 1998 when he was also a writer-in-residence at Hong Kong University. Born in Sri Lanka, he also lived in the Philippines before settling in Britain. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.

Romesh Gunesekera的小說和短篇小說在國際上廣受讚譽,包括Booker入圍的《Reef》《Noontide Toll》,這些故事集都捕捉了戰後斯里蘭卡的關鍵時刻。他的最新小說《Suncatcher》重回錫蘭早期時代,講述了在1960年代的效忠冲突和友誼瀕滅的故事。1998年,他還是香港大學的駐地作家,在香港開展了他的第一個工作坊。他出生於斯里蘭卡,在定居英國之前也曾住在菲律賓。他是英國皇家文學學會會員。

Photo Credit: Chris Dawes

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