Renée Nault

Renée Nault

Illustrator, Graphic novelist


Renée Nault is a Canadian artist, illustrator, and graphic novelist. She is known for her vivid watercolor and ink illustrations.

Renée was born in Vancouver and later moved to Victoria. Growing up near the ocean, she was influenced by the languid weightlessness and bright colours of underwater landscapes. Later she connected these ideas with the “floating world” of Japanese Ukiyo-e prints which interested her with their repeating patterns and shapes. To this she brings a very personal edge, a cryptic symbolism and a dark sense of humor.

Renée loves to travel, and she has spent long stretches of time in Europe, Asia, and Africa. 

Renée’s work has appeared in books, magazines, newspapers, and advertising around the world. She has completed work on a graphic novel adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s dystopian classic, The Handmaid’s Tale. The book was released on March 26th, 2019.

加拿大藝術家、插畫家、圖像小說家  Renée Nault 是瑪格麗特·艾特伍的現代經典作品《使女的故事》圖像小說版本的改編者、創作者,也將在今年秋季參與我們本次文學節。這部充滿激發性和預言性的文學作品,時至今日更與社會現狀息息相關,在Nault 超乎想象的圖像小說中再次獲得新鮮的血液,生動地呈現出作品世界裡的反烏托邦國度Gilead 中種種經典意象和恐怖現實。

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