Rebecca Wragg Sykes

Rebecca Wragg Sykes

Archaeologist, author


Rebecca Wragg Sykes has been fascinated by the vanished worlds of the Pleistocene ice ages since childhood, and pursued a scientific career researching the most enigmatic characters of all, the Neanderthals.

Alongside her academic expertise, Rebecca has earned a reputation for exceptional public communication as a speaker, in print and broadcast. Her writing has featured in the Guardian, Aeon and Scientific American, and she has appeared on history and science programmes for BBC Radio 3 and 4. She works as an archaeological and creative consultant, and co-founded the influential TrowelBlazers project, highlighting women in archaeology and the earth sciences.

Rebecca Wragg Sykes 從小就對消失了的漸新世冰河時代世界著迷,並從事科學職業,研究最神秘的人物 – 尼安德特人。

除了她的學術專長,Rebecca 還是出色的演講者,透過印刷和公共廣播贏得了聲譽。 她的著作曾在《衛報》,《永旺》和《科學美國人》上發表過,也曾出現在BBC3和4電台的歷史和科學節目中。她是考古和創意顧問,並共同創立了頗具影響力的TrowelBlazers項目,著重介紹考古學和地球女姓科學家。”

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