Rachel Ip

Rachel Ip

Author, Board Member of Bring Me A Book Hong Kong


Rachel Ip is a picture book author whose stories are often inspired by real-world events or experiences. The Last Garden (illustrated by Anneli Bray) is a thoughtful story of war, peace and hope. The Forgettery (illustrated by Laura Hughes) is a magical adventure about making and treasuring memories. Rachel’s school events explore the real stories which inspire her writing, and insights into her writing and research processes. Rachel is a board member of Bring Me A Book Hong Kong, a leading family literacy charity. She was born in the UK and has lived in France, Belgium and now Hong Kong, where she has lived for the last 13 years.

Rachel Ip是一位圖畫書作家,她運用自己的所見所聞來創作故事。 《The Last Garden》(由 Anneli Bray 插圖) 是一個講述戰爭、和平和希望的故事。《The Forgottery》(由Laura Hughes插圖)是一個關於創造和珍惜回憶的魔幻探險故事。 Rachel 在學校活動中與學生分享一些啟發她的真實故事,以及她對於寫作和研究過程的見解。Rachel 是書伴我行(香港)基金會的董事會成員。書伴我行(香港)基金會是一個倡議親子共讀的重要慈善機構。Rachel在英國出生,曾在法國和比利時居住。她現居於香港,並在香港居住超過13年。


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