Philip Cracknell

Philip Cracknell



Philip Cracknell is the author of a new book on the Battle of Hong Kong, published by Amberley Publishing. He is also the author of a blog about military history, with a special focus on Hong Kong during World War II. He is a former banker and a long-term resident of Hong Kong, where he has lived since 1985. The Battle for Hong Kong, December 1941 is a research-driven narrative rather than a history book. In it, Cracknell, who conducted research mostly in Hong Kong and London, describes what happened during the battle and where the fighting took place.

Philip Cracknell是安伯利出版社新書《Battle for Hong Kong》的作者。他同時也是一名香港軍事歷史相關的博客作者,對香港在二戰時期的歷史尤有研究。曾是銀行家的他,自1985年起便長期生活在香港,其研究多在香港和倫敦進行。他在作品中講述戰爭的起源和戰爭中的故事。

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