Patrick Holland

Patrick Holland



Patrick Holland is an Australian novelist and short-story writer based in Hong Kong. He is the author of seven minimalist fiction works including The Mary Smokes Boys (2010), The Darkest Little Room (2014) and One (2016). His work has been recognised by such international awards as the Miles Franklin Award, the Scott Prize and the Commonwealth Writers Prize and has been published and broadcasted in Australia, Italy, the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland and Japan. He is an Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Hong Kong Baptist University.

Patrick Holland是一名來自澳洲的作家,寫作範疇涵蓋長篇和短篇類型。他現居於香港。Patrick所著的極簡主義小説作品包括2010年的《The Mary Smokes Boys》、2014年的《 The Darkest Little Room 》以及2016年的《One 》。他的作品曾獲得富蘭克林文學獎、Scott Prize和Commonwealth Writers Prize等國際獎項認可,並於澳洲、意大利、美國、加拿大、英國、愛爾蘭、日本等地方出版和播出。他現為香港浸會大學創意寫作系的助理教授。

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