Page Richards

Page Richards

Writer, director, performer


Page Richards, Chair of Creative Writing & Theatre at HKU, received her PhD from Harvard University and MFA from Boston University. Her interdisciplinary interests include poetry, creative writing, life writing, AI, drama, and the history and practice of performance and theatre. She is the founder of the HKU Guild, the HKU Black Box, and the HKU MFA; Chief Editor of SLYCE, and a founding member of INWP, a global network of prestigious MFA programmes. She is a writer, including books of poems and literary history, a lecturer, editor, director, producer and performer, collaborating with writers, artists and scholars worldwide. She started as a child performer in New York and Philadelphia, studied poetry and drama with Derek Walcott at the Boston Playwrights’ Theatre and has contributed to theater and film production in Hollywood.

Page Richards現任香港大學跨學科戲劇和創意寫作主席,在哈佛大學取得了博士學位,在波士頓大學獲得了藝術碩士學位。她的跨學科興趣廣泛,涉獵範圍包括詩歌寫作、創意寫作、生活寫作、戲劇和表演與戲劇歷史。她是香港大學Guild、香港大學黑盒劇場及香港大學全球MFA的創始人及主管,亦是SLYCE的首席編輯,以及INWP(頂尖高等教育寫作項目的全球網絡)的創始者之一。她身兼作者、大學講師、編輯、主管、製作人、表演者等多個身份,與國際社會的作者、藝術家、學者合作。她在紐約和費城做兒童演員起步,其後又跟隨Drek Walcott 在波士頓劇作家劇院學習詩歌與戲劇,也曾為戲劇作品和好萊塢影視作品做工作。

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