Nury Vittachi

Nury Vittachi

Journalist, Author


Nury Vittachi is a journalist and author based in Hong Kong. His columns are published daily and weekly in a variety of newspapers in Asia, as well as on his website. He wrote the Feng Shui Detective comedy-crime novel series, published in many languages around the world, as well as nonfiction works and novels for children. He is also noted for his role in founding the Asia Literary Review, the Hong Kong International Literary Festival and the Man Asian Literary Prize, and was the chairman of the judges for the inaugural Australia-Asia Literary Award in 2008. Vittachi currently lives in Hong Kong with his English wife, Mary-Lacey Vittachi, and their three adopted Chinese children, Lexi, Kelci and Jem. He is the son of the Sri Lankan journalist Tarzie Vittachi, and his uncle, the late Dr V. P. Vittachi, was a major shareholder of the biggest conglomerate in Sri Lanka, the Stassen Group.

努雷·維塔奇,生於1958的錫蘭,是一位駐港新聞工作者和作家。他的專欄每日及每週都會在多個亞洲的報紙和他的網站上發表。他的作品包括一些非小說作品和兒童小說,以及被譯為多國語言在全球出版的犯罪喜劇小說集《The Feng Shui Detective》。他是《Asia Literary Review》、香港國際文學節和英仕曼亞洲文學獎的創始人,并於2008年擔任第一屆澳洲-亞洲文學獎的評審主席。維塔奇與他的英國妻子Mary-Lacey Vittachi,和三位收養的中國孩子Lexi、Kelci和Jem現居香港。他的父親是斯里蘭卡的新聞工作者Tarzie Vittachi,已過世的叔叔V.P. Vittachi博士曾是斯里蘭卡最大集團之一The Stassen Group的主要股東。

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