Nury Vittachi

Nury Vittachi



Nury Vittachi’s books have appeared in many languages. His publishers include Oxford University Press, Penguin Random House, World Scientific, Scholastic Books, John Wiley Inc. and more than a dozen others. He founded the Asia Literary Review and co-founded the Hong Kong International Literary Festival. He is also widely published as a journalist, appearing in the New York Times, Readers’ Digest, Time magazine and many other publications. He has had regular spots on CNN and CNBC. Originally from Sri Lanka, he lives in Hong Kong with his English wife and their three adopted Chinese children.

Nury Vittachi是Asia Literature Review的創辦人和香港國際文學節的聯合創辦人。他的著作被翻譯成不同語言,與他合作的出版社包括牛津大學出版社、蘭登書屋、世界科學出版社、Scholastic出版社和約翰威立等。同時,他亦活躍於新聞界,他的作品被刊登於紐約時報、讀者文摘和時代雜誌等多本新聞刊物中。此外,他還定期參與錄製有線電視新聞網和美國消費者新聞與商業頻道的節目。Nury Vittachi來自斯里蘭卡,現時,他與他的英籍太太和三名華裔養子女居於香港。

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