Natascha Bruce

Natascha Bruce



Natascha Bruce translates Chinese-language fiction into English. Her work includes Lonely Face by Yeng Pway Ngon (Balestier, 2019; shortlisted for the TA First Translation Prize) and Lake Like a Mirror by Ho Sok Fong (Granta, 2019). She has translated many short stories by Dorothy Tse, most recently for the anthologies That We May Live (Two Lines, 2020) and Antipodean China (forthcoming from Giramondo). Her translation of Tse’s poem Cloth Birds won the 2019 Words Without Borders Poems in Translation Prize. In 2020, she and Tse were the translator and writer in residence at Leeds University’s Centre for New Chinese Writing.

Natascha Bruce擅長將中文故事翻譯成英語。她的譯作包括Yeng Pway Ngon的《Lonely Face》(馬里士卡2019;入圍TA First Translation Prize)及Ho Sok Fong的《Lake Like a Mirror》(Granta, 2019)她亦多番為謝曉虹翻譯散文,最近譯有詩集《That We May Live》(Two Lines, 2020)及《Antipodean China》(即將由Giramondo出版)。當中一首詩《Cloth Birds》更獲得2019年度Words Without Borders的Poems in Translation獎項。在2020年,Bruce跟謝曉虹一同在利兹大學當代華語文學研究中心擔任翻譯家及作家。

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