Moe Clark

Moe Clark

Multidisciplinary Métis Artist, Poet, Educator, Artistic Producer, Public Speaker, Activist


Métis performing artist Moe Clark draws from multilingual lyricism to create meaning rooted in personal legacy. With two albums of words and music, a bilingual book of poetry, multiple videos and more than one hundred performances under her belt, her work is known worldwide. In music collaborations, Clark’s intuitive and sensual approach to vocal improvisation pulls from the genres of soul, gospel, folk and spoken word. In 2013 she directed the tenth annual Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in Montreal, the first bilingual edition of the six-day national slam festival. Clark also facilitates workshops with high school students and Aboriginal youth.

跨領域梅蒂斯藝術家Moe Clark通過多語言抒情的方式從個人經歷中找尋意義。她舉辦創意寫作工作坊,舉辦各種藝術文化界並為當地青年人提供指導。她的作品為世人所知:有兩張專輯,一本雙語詩集,眾多視頻和超過100場表演。

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