Matt Ottley

Matt Ottley

Artist, Author, Composer


Matt Ottley is an internationally acclaimed, multiple award-winning artist, working equally across the fields of literature, visual arts and music. Ottley has published more than thirty-five picture books and his awards include the CBCA Picture Book of the Year, the Premier’s Literary Awards of both Queensland and New South Wales and the IBBY Australia Honour Book. As a composer, Ottley is involved in an ongoing collaboration with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra, the Literature Centre and Yamaha; in this multimodal project, called The Sound of Picture Books, he composes music for his picture books. In 2014, he was made an Yamaha-endorsed musician for his work as a composer.

Matt Ottley 是一位國際知名,獲獎無數的藝術家,他的作品橫跨文學,視覺藝術和音樂領域。他已經出版了超過三十五本圖畫書並獲得包括CBCA年度圖書獎、昆士蘭和新南威爾士州總理文學獎和國際兒童圖書評議會澳大利亞插畫師獎之內的眾多獎項。作為一名作曲家,Matt正和西澳大利亞交響樂團,文學中心和雅馬哈合作一個名為“The Sound of Picture Books”的多模態項目。他在這個項目中為一本圖畫書編曲。在2014年,他以編曲家的身份成為了雅馬哈代言藝術家。

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