Mark O’Neill

Mark O’Neill



Mark O’Neill was born in London, England and educated at New College, Oxford. He worked in Washington DC, Manchester and Belfast before arriving in Hong Kong in 1978. He has lived in Asia ever since. He worked as a journalist and editor, in Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, China and Japan. Since 2006, he has concentrated on writing books on Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao history. The last two were “Israel and China: from the Tang Dynasty to Silicon Wadi” and “How the South Asians Helped to Make Hong Kong”. He is currently working on a book on the contribution of Irish people to Hong Kong, due to be published in 2020.

Mark O’Neill出生於英國倫敦,在牛津大學新學院接受教育。他曾在華盛頓特區、曼徹斯特和貝爾法斯特工作,1978年以後一直在亞洲居住。他曾在香港、台灣、印度、中國和日本擔任記者和編輯。自2006年以來,他專注於撰寫有關中國、香港和澳門歷史的書籍。他的著作包括《異地吾鄉– 猶太人與中國》和《How the South Asians Helped to Make Hong Kong》。他目前正在編寫有關愛爾蘭人對香港的貢獻的書籍,該書將於2020年出版。



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