Mark Llewelyn Evans

Mark Llewelyn Evans

Founder, Creative Director, Author, Artistic Director


Trained at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama & the National Opera Studio, Mark’s operatic and presenting career have taken him throughout the world. A native of Carmarthen, West Wales, multi-talented Mark Llewelyn Evans is the founder and creative director of the ABC of Opera an education program for children to discover creativity through the 500-year-old story of opera and it’s Academy of Barmy composers. Since it’s conception in 2016 “ABC” has delivered workshops to over 10,000 children across the UK. “ABC builds a relationship with the children that supports and educates them in a remarkable way. It is the scaffolding for the curriculum.”

Mark’s first children’s book from The Academy of Barmy Composers – Baroque was released in May 2019, with The Academy of Barmy Composers – Classical to be released April 2021. Mark is an artistic director for Opera Sark, ambassador for Loud Applause and has a close relationship with the GB Entrepreneur awards, Guildhall Creative Entrepreneurs and Big Ideas Wales. Mark was named Amati Guildhall Creative Entrepreneur of the year in 2019 and 2020. “The history of Classical music has never been just fun.” National Children’s Orchestra.

Mark畢業於市政廳音樂及戲劇學院和the National Opera Studio,他在畢業後展開戲劇和表演生涯,到世界各地工作。他在卡馬森土生土長,是ABC of Opera的創辦人和創意總監。ABC of Opera為兒童提供一系列教育計劃,讓他們學習《THE ACADEMY OF BARMY COMPOSERS》,認識戲劇近500年的發展故事,並發掘創意。自2016年起,ABC of Opera在英國為超過一萬名學生舉辦工作坊。 「ABC of Opera與兒童建立密切的關係,致力以特別的方式教育和支持他們。兒童的支持對課程非常重要」

Mark的首本童書《The Academy of Barmy Composers – Baroque》在2019年5月發行,而第二册《The Academy of Barmy Composers – Classical》則在2021年4月發行。 Mark 分別是 Opera Sark 和 Loud Applause Production 的藝術總監和大使; 此外,他是 Big Ideas Wales 計劃的導師,並與 GB Entrepreneur awards 和 Guildhall Creative Entrepreneurs 有緊密的合作關係。他榮獲2019-2020年度的 Amati Guildhall Creative Entrepreneur of the year。National Children’s Orchestra表示:「古典音樂的歷史不但有趣,還有很多地方值得我們欣賞。」