Luke Wright

Luke Wright

Poet, Threatre-maker


Luke Wright is a poet and theatre-maker. He writes from the sidelines about small-town tragedies and national farce, then performs his work with snarl and spit. His play What I Learned from Johnny Bevan won a Fringe First Award for new writing and Luke also won a Stage Award for Acting Excellence. His latest book of poems is After Engine Trouble (Rough Trade Books, 2018). It won The Saboteur Award for best pamphlet and is into its 2nd edition.

Luke Wright是一位詩人與戲劇製作人。在創作城鎮悲劇或國家鬧劇時,他總是先以局外人的眼光清晰、冷靜地進行寫作,然後再用熱情四射、全身投入的方式表演。他的舞台劇《What I Learned from Johnny Bevan》因新穎的創作收穫了Fringe First Award,又因出色的表演贏得了Stage Award。他最新的詩集《After Engine Trouble》在2018年由Rough Trade Books出版,並以最佳小冊子贏得了Saboteur Award,如今已有兩種版本。

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