Les Bird

Les Bird



Les Bird joined the Hong Kong Marine Police in 1976 during a period of rapid change in one of the British Empire’s few remaining colonies, and witnessed the last years of the hard-working, hard-drinking colonial policemen handing out rough justice in The World of Suzie Wong. He led his men in combat against the growing organised crime in the years leading up to the handover in 1997 and was one of the senior officers instrumental in dealing with highly sensitive issues including a flood of refugees fleeing Vietnam and the cross-border smuggling of guns, drugs and people.

Les Bird於1976年加入香港水警,當時的香港作為大英帝國僅存的幾個殖民地之一正發生迅速變化。他在最後幾年目睹了辛勤工作、酗酒的殖民地警察在《The World of Suzie Wong》中粗暴地伸張正義。 在1997年移交前的幾年中,他率領部隊與日益增長的犯罪組織作鬥爭。他是負責處理高度敏感問題的高級官員之一,其中包括大量難民逃離越南和越境走私槍支、毒品和人。


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