Kuffy Ko

Kuffy Ko



Born and raised in Hong Kong, Kuffy Ko spent his childhood in Hangzhou and was educated in Hong Kong and London. Most of Ko’s writings are about Hong Kong life stories, and his latest short story, ‘DOB’, was adapted into a multimedia theatre work, Weird Pool Party, by the HKU Black Box. Although Ko graduated with distinction from the HKU MFA programme in creative writing, only a few of his friends know him as a writer. Ko, who spends most his time being a teacher and EdD student, hopes you will know him as a writer through his life story.

出生並生長於香港,Kuffy Ko在杭州度過了他的幼年,接著在香港和倫敦接受了教育。Kuffy的大部分作品注目與香港人的生活。他最新的故事《DOB》被改編成了一部多媒體戲劇作品——香港大學Black Box的《Weird Pool Party》。雖然Kuffy持有一名成績優異的香港大學創意寫作類藝術碩士,他的朋友們鮮少知道他是一名作家。雖然Ko將他的大部分時間傾注在教職工作和教育學博士學位的學習中,他希望你了解他作為作家的另一面。

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