Julia Kuehn

Julia Kuehn

Professor, Writer


Julia Kuehn is a Professor of English Literature at the University of Hong Kong. She publishes on nineteenth-century women’s, popular and Empire novels as well as travel writing, focusing especially on Hong Kong and China. Her edited collections include: A Century of Travels in China (2007), Travel Writing, Form, and Empire (2008), China Abroad: Travels, Subjects, Spaces (2009), Diasporic Chineseness after the Rise of China (2013) and New Directions in Travel Writing Studies (2015). Julia was on the Board of the Man Asian Literary Prize (2007-2012) and is currently the Co-Chair of the Hong Kong International Literary Festival.


Julia Kuehn是香港大學的英國文學教授。她出版過有關十九世紀女性和帝國的書籍,以及其他旅遊寫作作品,這些作品的主題主要圍繞香港和中國。她的作品集包括:《A Century of Travels in China》 (2007), 《Travel Writing, Form, and Empire》 (2008), 《China Abroad: Travels, Subjects, Spaces》 (2009), 《Diasporic Chineseness after the Rise of China》 (2013) 和《New Directions in Travel Writing Studies》 (2015)。Julia曾擔任英仕曼亞洲文學獎(2007-2012)董事,現為香港國際文學節的主席之一。

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