Jocelyn Li

Jocelyn Li



Jocelyn Li Sin Ting, born and raised in Hong Kong, is a native Cantonese speaker who sometimes thinks in English. She completed her bachelor of arts degree at the University of Hong Kong, focusing on English studies, politics and sociology. Her poetry often explores themes of womanhood, local culture, and identity, and her writings have been included in PEN Voices: English, Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine and Weird Pool Party, an HKU Black Box theatre production. At the moment she is working on a collection of poems on navigating adulthood in the city. Her book project includes a memoir/poetry collection about her mother and motherland, and a portfolio of prose poems incorporating local identity into fine art and surrealism.

Jocelyn Li Sin Ting生長於香港,是一位有時會用英語思考的廣東話母語者。於香港大學取得了文學學士學位,她專注鑽研英文、政治與社會學。她的詩歌作品探討女性主義、香港文化及身份認同等主題。她的作品曾出現於《香港筆會》、《聲韻詩刊》和香港大學Black Box戲劇作品《Weird Pool Party》中。現在她正專注於創作幾首關於城市中的成人生活的詩歌。她以前的作品主要包括一本關於母親與母國的詩集/回憶錄和一部將本地身份認同融合進美術和超現實主義的散文詩作品集。

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