Joanne Lo

Joanne Lo

Graphic Designer, illustrator


Joanne Lo was born in Canada and raised both in Toronto and Hong Kong. Having grown up and lived on a beautiful outlying island called Cheung Chau, she has a special love for nature, animals, art and one’s spiritual growth. She is currently a Toronto-based Graphic Designer, she began her career in creative media since graduating from university majoring in Cultural Studies and Visual Studies. She is also the illustrator of Teaching Shakespeare to ESL Students (Springer, 2017), a book housed in the Yale and Harvard University Libraries and downloaded for over 11,628 times since its publication.

Joanne Lo於加拿大出生,並在多倫多及香港兩地長大。 她成長於一個美麗的離島——長洲,並且對於自然、動物、藝術和個人精神成長方面特別著迷。 雙主修文化研究和視覺研究的她,於大學畢業後就開展她在創意媒體領域的職業生涯,目前於多倫多任職平面設計師。 同時,她也是耶魯大學和哈佛大學圖書館藏書《Teaching Shakespeare to ESL Students》(Springer,2017)的插畫家,這本書自出版以來已被下載超過11628次。

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