Joanne Li

Joanne Li

Corporate Coach, Author


Joanne was born and raised in Hong Kong, then left at the age of 12 to study in the United Kingdom and Canada. Joanne is the Director of Leadership Development at a premium workspace provider, a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accredited by the International Coach Federation, a corporate trainer and the author of Please Be You. Please Be You was featured as Bookazine’s Top 5 Children’s Book in February 2020 and Kickstarter’s “Project We Love”. Joanne is a proud mother of two beautiful (and crazy) children, Skye and Harris and she is now working on her second children’s book.

Joanne 在香港土生土長,在十二歲時離開香港,遠赴英國和加拿大讀書。 Joanne 身兼多職,她是領導力發展總監、國際教練聯盟認可的專業認證教練、企業培訓師及《Please Be You》的作者。《Please Be You》於2020年2月位列Bookazine「最佳童書」首五位。 Joanne 育有兩個孩子,分別叫 Skye 和 Harris。她正在創作第二本童書。


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