Jo Lusby

Jo Lusby

Co-founder of Pixie B


Jo Lusby is co-founder of Pixie B, a consultancy and agency specialising in publishing, film, and the creative sector in China. Pixie B works with a range of companies, individuals and government bodies seeking new and improved business opportunities in one of the world’s largest and most complex media markets. A fluent Mandarin speaker, Jo was previously North Asia head of Penguin Random House, where she published books ranging from Nobel Laureate Mo Yan in English, tennis sensation Li Na, and global children’s bestseller Peppa Pig in Chinese and Korean. Jo is also a board member of the Hong Kong International Literary Festival.


周海倫(Jo Lusby)是專門處理出版、影視和創意產業問題的顧問服務公司Pixie B的創辦人之一。Pixie B與不同公司、獨立人士和政府部門合作,在中國這個其中一個全球最大且最複雜的媒體市場尋求發展和進步的商業機會。周海倫精通普通話,她曾任企鵝蘭登書屋北亞區董事總經理,負責出版諾貝爾獎得獎者莫言、職業網球手李娜及兒童暢銷書《粉紅豬小妹》中韓版本等書籍。香港國際文學節董事會成員。

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