Jazmina Barrera

Jazmina Barrera



Jazmina Barrera was born in Mexico City in 1988. She was a fellow at the Foundation for Mexican Letters. Her book of essays Cuerpo extraño (Foreign Body) was awarded the Latin American Voices prize from Literal Publishing in 2013. She has published her work in various print and digital media, such as Paris Review, El Malpensante, Words Without Borders, Nexos, Letras Libres and Electric Literature. She has a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing in Spanish from New York University, which she completed with the support of a Fulbright grant. Her book, On Lighthouses was published in 2020 by Two Lines Press. She is editor and co-founder of Ediciones Antílope. She lives in Mexico City.

Jazmina Barrera 在1988年於墨西哥城出生,在富布賴特計劃的支持下於紐約大學的西班牙語創意寫作系完成碩士學位,之後曾在Foundation Of Mexican Letters從事研究,目前是Ediciones Antílope的創始人和編輯。2013年,她的論文合集《Cuerpo extraño (Foreign Body)》獲得了Literal Publishing雜誌的Latin American Voices Prize。她的作品廣見於不同印刷及電子媒體,例如Paris Review、El Malpensante、Words Without Borders、Nexos、Letras Libres 和 Electric Literature。她最新的作品《On Lighthouses》於本年經Two Lines Press出版。

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