Jancis Robinson

Jancis Robinson

Wine writer, editor


Jancis Robinson OBE MW is one of the world’s top international wine authorities – and she loves and lives for wine in all its glorious diversity. She writes daily for JancisRobinson.com and weekly for the Financial Times. She is founder-editor of The Oxford Companion to Wine, co-author with Hugh Johnson of The World Atlas of Wine and co-author of Wine Grapes, each of these books recognised as a standard reference worldwide. Jancis has been a committed and generous Room to Read ambassador for almost two decades, appearing at gala wine events all over the world. Wine has played a significant part in generating many millions.

Jancis Robinson OBE MW是世界頂級的國際酒權威之一。她熱愛著酒,並享受其所帶來的多樣性。她每天為 JancisRobinson.com 寫作,亦每週在《金融時報》撰稿。她是《Oxford Companion to Wine》的創始人和編輯,也與休·約翰遜合著《世界葡萄酒地圖》,亦是《Wine Grapes》的合著者。這些書籍都是世界公認的參考書。在這二十年以来,Jancis 一直是一位堅定慷慨的 Room to Read 大使,並出現在世界各地的盛大酒活動中。無可否認,酒在創造數以百萬计的財富方面發揮了重要作用。

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