James Carter

James Carter

Writer, historian


James Carter is a writer and historian of modern China. He earned his PhD from Yale University under the direction of Jonathan Spence, and has taught since 1999 at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. In his several books, as well as his weekly column for SupChina, he focuses on stories from China’s history that shed light on the connections between China and the West.

James Carter 是近代中國的作家和歷史學家。 他在 Jonathan Spence 的指導下從耶魯大學獲得博士學位,自1999年以來一直在費城聖約瑟夫大學任教。 在他的作品以及他在SupChina的每週專欄中,他著重介紹中國歷史故事,揭示了中國與西方之間的聯繫。

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