Hannah Lucinda Smith

Hannah Lucinda Smith

The Times‘ correspondent


Hannah Lucinda Smith is The Times‘ correspondent in Turkey, where she has covered conflicts, a coup attempt and the rise of controversial president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan for over six years. During her time in the country, she has also reported from inside rebel-held Syria, on the front lines of the battle against Isis in Iraq, and joined the mass movement of migrants on their journey to Europe in 2015.

Hannah Lucinda Smith是時代雜誌駐土耳其記者。她報導的內容覆蓋地區衝突,政變,以及很有爭議的土耳其總統Recep Tayyip Erdogan。駐當地期間,她亦曾於被叛軍控制的敘利亞,以及伊拉克對抗伊斯蘭國的戰爭前線作報導,更於2015年的歐洲難民潮期間,跟外來移民一同啟航到歐洲。

Photo Credits: Yusuf Sayman

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