Yan Ge

Yan Ge



Yan Ge is a fiction writer in both Chinese and English. She is the author of thirteen books in Chinese, including six novels. She has received numerous awards and was named by People’s Literature Magazine as one of the 20 future literary masters in China. Yan started to write in English in 2016. Since then, her writing has been published in The New York Times, TLS, Brick, Stinging Fly and elsewhere. She lives in Norwich with her husband and son.

顏歌是位中英文小說家,著作了十三本中文書,其中包括六本小說。 她獲獎無數,並給《人民文學》雜誌評選為中國未來20位文學大師之一。 她於2016年開始用英語寫作。從那時起,她的作品曾發表在《紐約時報》,《TLS》,《Brick》,《Stinging Fly》等地方。 她與丈夫和兒子住在諾里奇。

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