Emma Carroll

Emma Carroll



From a very early age, Emma dreamed of being an author. She was a secondary school English teacher for many years before becoming a full time writer, though she still maintains strong links within education and the teaching community. Her stories are usually historical, often spooky, and always led by a cast of impressive female characters.

Emma’s debut Frost Hollow Hall won the North East Book Award. Her second novel, The Girl Who Walked On Air was nominated for the Carnegie Medal. Letters From The Lighthouse, was chosen as ‘Waterstones Book of the Month’, as was Secrets of a Sun King. Both books are popular choices in the Key Stage Two classroom. Emma’s latest story, The Somerset Tsunami was selected by indie booksellers as their Book of the Month, and was The Times Children’s Book of the Week. Her stories are published in many different languages. In the US her books are with Delacorte Press and Scholastic.

In another life Emma wishes she’d written Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier. Emma lives in the Somerset hills with her husband and two terriers. You can follow Emma on Twitter @emmac2603, Instagram emmacarroll2603, or visit her website at emmacarrollauthor@wordpress.com

Emma 自小便立志成為一個作家。在成為全職作家之前,她是一位中學英文老師,並在教育界打滾多年,至今仍與教育界人士保持密切的關係。她的作品大多包含歷史和怪異元素,並且由一眾非凡的女性角色主導整個故事。 Emma 的出道小說《Frost Hollow Hall》榮獲 North East Book Award,而她的第二部小說《The Girl Who Walked On Air》更獲提名卡內基獎章。此外,《Letters From The Lighthouse》和《Secrets of a Sun King》被英國水石書店選為「每月好書推介」;這兩本書是小學三至六年級生的熱門讀物。Emma的最新著作《The Somerset Tsunami》分別獲獨立書店及泰晤士報選為「每月好書推介」和「每周童書推介」。她的故事被翻譯成多種語言出版,並在美國經美國學樂教育集團和Delacorte Press 出版。 如果有來生,Emma 希望可以像 Daphne Du Maurier 一樣寫出小說《蝴蝶夢》。她與丈夫和兩隻小狗在桑莫塞縣居住。請追蹤 Emma 的 Twitter (@emmac2603) 和 Instagram (emmacarroll2603) 帳號,或瀏覽她的網站(emmacarrollauthor@wordpress.com) ,以獲取她的最新資訊。