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Dove Tales



Dove Tales Theatre Company is Hong Kong’s premier children’s theatre company. They specialize in drama workshops, small and large-scale school productions, and performing English language musicals and dramas for students of all ages and levels. Each year they work with over 50,000 students and 100 schools. Through their drama workshops, their main goal is to help the students build life skills such as confidence, teamwork, problem solving, empathy and English through drama. They strive to create an environment where the students are encouraged to take risks and understand the best way to grow as a person is to make mistakes.

Dove Tales Theatre Company 是香港兒童娛樂節目首選,他們為各年級的學生提供由英國文學經典改編的原創英文音樂劇及話劇,而且每年都會與超過五萬名學生和一百間學校合作。 他們的宗旨是透過舉辦話劇工作坊幫助學生建立生活技能,如自信、團隊協作能力、解難能力、同情心及英語能力。他們致力鼓勵學生勇於冒險,讓他們了解到犯錯其實有助成長。

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